Problems Requesting a Quote

Can I request a quote in a location other than my current location?

Yes you can. This is particularly useful when you are requesting a quote from your couch, but need your car serviced somewhere close to your office 20 miles away. Enter your work location and Blitzify will send you quotes from service providers in that area.

Can I request a quote on my app even when I'm out of town?

Of course you can! The app is equipped with geolocation services that allow Blitzify to pinpoint your location (you can turn this feature on and off on your phone). If you’re out of town, the app can find service providers nearby to fulfill your quote request. Easy peasy.

How will I get notified when a quote is done?

A feast will be laid out in your honor! Well, by someone, maybe, at some point. From us, you will receive an email, mobile notification and web notification.

Why is my quote marked as expired?

Just like in most industries, prices fluctuate. Our data shows that price fluctuations are common every 90 days. So, if your quote is over 90 days old, it will show as expired and you’ll need to request a new one. It’s best to request a quote when you know you’ll be getting that service done within a 90 day period.