Questions About the Blitzify App

Can I add a service provider that does not appear to be in your system?

Of course! In your mobile app, tap on Add Service Provider and put in the information of the shop you’d like to add. Be as thorough as possible because the Blitzify team will follow-up with the shop to verify the submission before making it viewable on the app.


Adding a service provider will even earn you a Blitzify credit.

How does your dispute resolution work?

When disputes can’t be handled through the usual thumb war, Blitzify steps in by helping resolve any concerns a user may have regarding a fair deal with a vehicle serviced by a service provider. If you have a concern about your service deal, please let us know and we can attempt to open a dialogue between you and the service provider. 

How do you gather prices for my specific request?

It’s sheer magic and wonder.


Little gnomes living in your phone work tirelessly (in great conditions and for great pay) making phone calls to four local providers using the information you provide on your vehicle and service request.


Once those service providers are contacted and the quotes are collected, they are sent over to you. Also - the gnomes might be people and it may be a carefully constructed logistical process and not magic, but who’s to say really. 

I found an error in the app. What should I do about it?

Please let us know. As you can imagine, we are constantly updating and changing things within our site and sometimes we miss a typo or bug, so please help create the best user experience by letting us know if you see something wonky. 

When I use My Garage, do I have to take a photo of my car?

No, you can use our gallery to choose a similar model, but we highly recommend you take a picture of your own vehicle. We love cars and would love to see your ride.

Why do some service providers not have photos?

One theory is that the service provider lost their stand-alone camera in the early 2000s, pulled out their cellphone camera to snap a pic only to realize that the forward facing camera was on and then got caught up taking selfies.


Another theory is that the service provider or our users have not yet submitted any photos of the facility.


Not only can service providers submit their own photos, but we have also empowered the consumer to take and submit photos as well. We have already seen some really great photos of service provider facilities that our users have submitted. Users receive credits for each photo of an automotive service facility that they submit.

Why should I rate or give a testimonial about a service provider I’ve used?

Think about it this way - when you’re interested in a restaurant or a movie, you depend on the reviews of others to avoid potential food poisoning or wasting two hours sitting through box office flop. By writing testimonials, you’re returning the favor. Others like you will be able to benefit from your experience, good or bad. The more detail you can provide, the more useful your testimonial. You could basically become someones hero.