New Rear Struts - Rear Shops In Pine Bluffs, WY

Does your car bump a little too much when you're driving?  You many need new struts!

If your vehicle is giving you a little too much of a bumpy drive, you may need new struts.  In addition to the bumpiness, there may be some knocking sounds you are not used to hearing when driving your vehicle.  As the struts begin to give out, they compress and give off a knocking sound.  Another way to tell if your car may have problems with the struts is if your vehicle pulls to one particular side while driving.  Sometimes this could be an alignment, but it also could be a broken strut.  Your car can also nose dive when coming to a stop.  Another indicator is the wear on your tires will be uneven from the tires overcompensating.  And, last if you see a leak, that could mean there is a leak from hydraulic fluid from the strut.  

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