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While there is no excuse for missing regular, professional car inspection, maintenance, and repair, it is true that safer operation, efficiency and peace of mind can be gained by being aware of vehicle concerns that every driver encounters.

Being familiar with the terminology of automotive repair, with safety technologies and considerations, with preventative and regular maintenance, with commonly encountered problems, and with red-flag issues gives the driver the understanding to approach vehicle ownership as an active participant.

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Some repair and prevention tasks are well within the skill of anyone who can drive the vehicle and can save the owner the hassle and expense of going to the shop. Changing fluids and filters and paying attention to the sounds, smells, and sensations felt through the vehicle goes a long way toward increasing vehicle longevity and directing informed maintenance choices. Likewise, knowing a little more about the issues that create safety hazards and how to respond to them by seeking appropriate professional repairs allows the owner to maximize safety for both drivers and passengers alike.

Equipping a vehicle for use, adjusting for seasonal changes, pursuing modern safety systems and handling the occasional bump in the car-ownership road are all topics that this guide illuminates for the reader. By staying current on preventative tasks, the owner is able to minimize costly repairs and breakdowns and maximize fulfillment and enjoyment as a safe operator on the busy roads ahead.

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